How to "Take Back Your Closet"

“Just a victim of fashion and accessories!”

I knew someone that would often say this in their defense as they seasonally bought into the latest fashion trend. How many times have you, myself included, gone to the store and purchased what’s trending now. We may have worn it once or twice and then looked at it in the sober light of day and said, “What was I thinking?” If you have, it’s time to "Take Back Your Closet". It’s time to come into our own style and not necessarily settle for what the industry serves up. I’m not anti-fashion or anti Fast Fashion, I’m just anti-does this really work for me. Let’s make choices that reflect who we are, and what works best for us and our lifestyles. I’m drawn to styles that are simple, edgy and different and I try not to let trends become my true north. Figure out what works for you and "Take Back Your Closet". We should:  
  • Choose styles that flatter our body type.

  • Choose a color palette that we love and that flatters our skin tone.

  • Choose core pieces and then build around them with trendier pieces.

  • Choose accessories that complement rather than compete.

  • Choose always to keep it simple, because “Less is truly more”.

        I read a Huffington Post article that said The fashion industry is designed to make us feel out of trend. I believe this is only true if we allow it. Let’s find our inner style and choose to “Take Back Our Closets”!

        Photos in order of use by: Marisa Howenstine, J
        unko Nakase and Becca Mchaffie on Unsplash.

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