black tunic

WHY bacah?

Because “Life is complicated enough, what you choose to wear doesn’t have to be.”

Where is my apparel produced?

In the USA. More specifically in Massachusetts.

What inspires me.

I was trained to have a “less is more” approach to design and draw so much of my inspiration from The Bauhaus Movement. I want my clothing to be easy to wear, to look good and make you feel good the first time, and every time. Because life comes at us so fast I find that I crave an uncomplicated simplicity and I want what I wear to reflect that. My niche...anyone who wants that chic urban style!

My apparel is sourced in North America and made in the USA. My tunics are made of bamboo which is a plant-based fabric. My Slouch Pouch is made of hide and vegan leather, and when it permits, I upcycle.


We all have a journey and this is a part of mine. I invite you to share with me in my ‘less is more’ approach to style. 

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