My Design Approach

bauhuas sign

One of the biggest design influences for me is about relationships. When I design I want it to be something that I would buy for someone that I care about, or for myself. When my original concept falls into place, or when I find that perfect fabric in that perfect color that I know is going to make the design pop, I’m thrilled. I was trained to have a “less is more” approach to design and draw so much of my inspiration from

The Bauhaus movement

because of its use of simplistic lines and elemental shapes…I think some of my training as a graphic designer plays into this. Using modern silhouettes and great fabrication I want my clothing to be easy to wear, to look good, and make you feel good the first time, and every time. Life is complicated enough, and I find that I crave simplicity and I want what I choose to wear to be that too. My niche is the woman who wants a chic urban style whether she's an urbanite or suburbanite…meaning my designs are meant for the woman who lives in the city or far from it. Although I do want to be current I’m not always interested in what’s trending because I always want to stay true to my unique sense of style.


I hunt for the best possible fabric that will bring my inspiration to life and source my fabrics from a North American vendor that has a reputation for providing quality goods, and my designs are made right here in Massachusetts. I've used plant-based fabric as well as vegan leather to produce several of my designs, and I upcycle whenever possible. This past summer I had the opportunity to put this into practice when I took my past season bamboo tunics and converted them into skirts. Also, my vegan leather is my way of being kinder and gentler to our world and its inhabitants.

“Life is complicated enough, what you choose to wear doesn’t have to be.”