My Journey



Have you ever had a job you’ve loved? My husband asked me one day. “Not really” I said. After being in several jobs that didn’t offer enough creativity I was restless. He said, “Babe you’ve gotta find your passion!” I had a degree in fashion design, and then later I’d gotten one in graphic design and although I was doing something creative I couldn’t shake my longing to launch my own fashion label. “Do it babe!”, he said, and I knew I had to give it one last shot. The timing was right because our girls were older and this gave me the time I needed to focus on making it happen. My husband converted our cold dark garage into a working studio, and it was here my journey began.

WHY bacah?

What the heck does bacah mean, well it's about a journey. The book of Psalms talks about a people who would take an annual journey, and after traveling for many miles they would reach the Valley of Baca and weep because here they knew that after such a long journey they were almost where they needed and wanted to be. To me this is so much like life because, Life Is Indeed A Journey!


I’ve created two hashtags that mean a lot to me. #KYSE [pronounced kiss] Keep Your Style Effortless. This hashtag is my reminder to myself and to others to continue to have an un-complicated style. The other, #UrbanSuburban speaks to my connection with that woman who has that urban edge when it comes to style no matter where she lives.


We all have a journey and this is a part of mine. I invite you to share with me in my ‘less is more’ approach to style. And remember…“Life is complicated enough, what you choose to wear doesn’t have to be.”

#KYSE – Keep Your Style Effortless