The LBD Quiz

So you've tested your knowledge about the "Little Black Dress". Let's see how you did.

 1. The Little Black Dress is referred to as?

 b) The LBD

2. The Little Black Dress is considered essential to complete every women's wardrobe?

a) Yes 

3. What women made wearing the Little Black Dress an art form?

a) Audrey Hepburn 

4. Which designer is credited with introducing the Little Black Dress?

c) Coco Chanel

5. Which animated character was one of the first to popularize the Little Black Dress?

a) Betty Boop 

6. The Little Black Dress was intended to be...(Long-Lasting & Versatile, Affordable & Accessible)

c) All of the above

I hope you had as much fun taking the quiz as I had putting it together.