I like it, I like it a lot! 

Your creation fits perfectly and looks exactly as advertised, effortless style. I fished around and found some jewelry for it and now have to wait for warmer weather to show it all off. I will be eager to buy more of your designs. It’s as though you had asked me what I’d like in a piece of clothing--comfortable, figure-flaw disguising, quality material and construction, tastefully simple and with the potential to be dressed up or left as everyday wear. It’s an impossible list but you did it! I am thrilled. 

- Holly Carroll, MA

I LOVE my sundress by BACAH! This eco-friendly dress, made of bamboo, is a comfortable, soft, wrinkle free, non-clinging garment. Because of my sensitive skin this bamboo sundress is perfect for me. It can be worn by itself or with a legging. The first time I wore my sundress I got multiple compliments from both men and women. People were curious as to where I bought my dress, and I was so proud to say that I purchased it from the BACAH...I was her first customer and I plan to purchase more. Oh, and did I say I LOVE my sundress by BACAH Designs. 

- Cheryl, OH